Terms & Conditions

IMPORTANT NOTE: All riders must sign our waiver on arrival before they use the facility.

  • Equipark, nor any person acting on their behalf, accept any liability for any loss, damage, accident, injury or illness to horses, riders or any other persons or property.
  • Vehicles are left entirely at your own risk.
  • Riding is a risk sport. Every person using the facilities agrees to do so at their own risk.
  • All riders must wear a riding hat conforming to the current BHS, Eventing Ireland, Pony Club or Riding Club standard.
  • All riders must wear a body protector conforming to the current BE standard, while using the cross country course. (Up to date BETA standard).
  • Adequate footwear must be worn.
  • We highly recommend that all riders and trainers have personal and public liability insurance. ( Please call insurer, HIVE INSURANCE, Rob Mc Owan on 0868961223 to find out more and implement ASAP)
  • We highly recommend that riders have an assistant on the ground to help and that they carry a mobile phone in case of emergency.
  • Please check the jumps from both sides before jumping and do not attempt jumps beyond your ability. Check colour codes for heights if you’re unsure.
  • Most jumps are jumpable both ways and will be flagged accordingly.
  • Where a jump can only be jumped in one direction, it will be marked with a black flag from the unjumpable side.
  • Do not jump any jumps marked with cross flags.
  • Please maintain proper distances from other horses and riders on course and do not obstruct any fences.
  • Please report any damage to the jumps or ground you may notice asap to the Equipark manager/employee.
  • We reserve the right to ask you to leave should we see dangerous riding or horse abuse.
  • Please remove all droppings or hay left by your horse.
  • Please remove all rubbish.
  • Dogs are welcome but must be horse-friendly and kept on a lead at all times.